Social Wellness

UFHR Wellness Resources

Wellness Talk Podcast

Our Wellness Talk podcast features wellness content that aims to provide you with resources to help improve your health and well-being. Our content includes guided meditations and episodes featuring University of Florida faculty and staff experts in health and wellness sharing their latest research and expertise.

Supportive Gators 

Geared towards UF faculty and staff, the Supportive Gators program is designed to help us discover ways to improve our social, emotional and mental health outcomes by empowering us to strengthen our current social support networks and build new networks as needed.

Gratitude Spreads

Along with an encouraging design, there is space to write a dedication and personal messages on both printed cards and digital email templates. This is the perfect opportunity to thank coworkers, supervisors, and supervises for their great work. Gratitude Spreads, so be sure to pass it on!

Healthy Potluck Toolkit

A Potluck is a great way to get the team together to share tasty recipes and build camaraderie. Whether you are getting together in person, sharing recipes, or holding a virtual potluck this potluck will help you keep it organized.

UF & UF Health Resources

Get Connected Directory 

A complete collection of campus organizations, area nonprofit organizations and communities that provide opportunities for UF faculty and staff to get connected.

Academic and Professional Assembly

APA connects professional staff across campus to each other and to resources; offers professional development, recognition, and networking opportunities; and fosters a sense of community among staff.

Association for Academic Women

The AAW connects professional women throughout UF to support their personal growth, relationship building, career development and lifelong learning.

Departmental Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Binder

A Random Acts of Kindness binder is a great way to build camaraderie and reinforce a positive environment at work. A RAK Binder serves as a reference guide for the employees in your department. One act of kindness can start a chain reaction, creating a whole department that is full of kindness, appreciation, and positivity.

Lake Wauburg

Canoes, climbing wall, mountain bikes, sailboats, wakeboarding, waterskiing and more with a Gator 1 card that designates you as faculty, staff, spouse, partner, retired, UAA, UFF or Shands employee whose card includes a hologram and a UFID number; guests accepted at some locations.

 Reitz Union Game Room

On-campus recreation facility featuring 16 bowling lanes, 17 pool (billiard) tables and more.

UF Cultural Plaza

Art, History & Performing Arts in One Location