Intellectual Wellness

UFHR Wellness Resources

Wellness Talk

Join us each month for a wellness video podcast with UF and UF Health subject matter experts. See the full schedule for the year in the link above.

Wellness Library

A collection of webinars and presentations given by UF and UF Health Experts on a variety of wellness topics. The videos are organized by the dimensions of wellness.

GatorCare Video Library 

A library of 30-60 minute recorded presentations on diverse wellness topics given by the GatorCare Wellness team.

UF & UF Health Resources

Employee Education Program

The EEP enables full-time UF Academic Personnel, TEAMS employees and USPS employees who have been employed for at least six months to receive tuition assistance for up to six credit hours of instruction per semester at the state university closest to their work location.

New York Times and Wall Street Journal Subscriptions

Free online subscriptions to both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are available for all UF students, faculty, and staff? Activate your New York Times subscription and activate your Wall Sreet Journal subscription.

Reitz Union Leisure Courses

Leisure Courses are non-credit courses offered by the Reitz Union to give UF community members the opportunity to learn new skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

UF Training & Organizational Development

Through partnerships with on- and off-campus subject-matter experts offers training programs and resources designed to help you be your best.

UF Health Faculty/Staff Development

Faculty and staff educational resources on the Bridge including training programs via myTraining, educational technologies IT training, and more. *Available for UF Health employees only

UF Health Tuition Reimbursement

Get more information on the tuition reimbursement policy, procedure, and eligibility. *Available for UF Health employees only

Tuition Exchange Program

Dependent children of full-time, permanent status employees are eligible to apply.

Higher Education Opportunity for Children of TEAMS Employees

Provides children of full-time TEAMS employees with the opportunity of tuition assistance for undergraduate education at the University of Florida.