Emotional Wellness

UFHR Wellness Resources

Media Library 

Listen to recorded presentations from campus experts on a variety of topics including emotional wellness.

Take 10: Guided Meditation Videos

In partnership with several UF Faculty, UFHR Wellness successfully led the Take 10 Campaign that resulted in several recorded Guided meditation videos.

The Resilient Gator

The Resilient Gator Program is designed to inform and empower the campus community to build resilience coping skills.

Good Night Gators

This program aims to provide you with the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to sleep. The program consists of a live or recorded presentation and then followed by four weeks of online coaching via email to help build and support better sleep.

WorkLife at UF

Visit our WorkLife website to explore family and community resources available to you as a UF employee. Some resources are applicable to both UF and UF Health employees.

UF & UF Health Resources

Beyond the Stress Ball

This powerful workshop offers practical tools for managing stress that go beyond traditional advice. You’ll learn how effective thinking, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques can lower your stress level and increase your quality of life. Email GatorCare to schedule.

Depression & Alcohol Screening

UF employees and adult members of their family may take a free, anonymous and confidential online screening for depression and alcohol problems.

Happiness Hacks

We all wish to lead a happy life but we’ve been programmed to look for happiness in all the wrong places. What we think would make a big difference in our happiness actually doesn’t, and the things that would make a meaningful impact are often overlooked. This workshop will present twelve science-backed ways to improve your happiness today! Are you ready to be happier? Email GatorCare to schedule.

UF Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The UF Employee Assistance Program offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. All UF faculty, staff, graduate assistants, non-student OPS employees, house staff/residents, and postdoc associates as well as their household members are eligible to receive services.

Sleep Challenge

Complete the GatorCare 14-day Sleep Challenge to improve your sleep habits, develop a bedtime routine and get better sleep.

UF Health Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology addresses the emotional, social, work, school and physical health concerns people may have at different stages in their lives

UF Fear and Anxiety Disorders Clinic

Dedicated to fostering a better understanding of anxiety and fear as well as improving assessment and treatment for anxiety disorders
Regularly conducts research studies with assessments available at no cost

UF Mindfulness

The vision of the University of Florida (UF) Mindfulness initiative is to create a more mindful UF campus.

UMatter, We Care

Extends UF’s caring culture by educating the campus community about signs and symptoms of distress, and providing those in distress with appropriate resources to receive professional, confidential assistance.