Windows to Wellness

The UFHR Wellness program operates on an 9-dimensional model of wellness. We believe that there are many dimensions to your health and well-being. Explore available resources available for each dimension of wellness.

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Cultural wellness refers to our awareness and understanding of, and intrinsic respect for, our own identities and background as well as the diversity and richness present in the cultural backgrounds and identities of others. When we are culturally well, we work to create and maintain an inclusive environment that values inclusivity, diversity and social justice.
Our emotional wellness manifests in our ability to meet the world with optimism, trust and a sturdy sense of self-esteem.
With more than 50,000 employees combined, the UF and UF Health community is practically a city unto itself! Find support, networking and like-minded people by perusing the resources found here.
Our spiritual life is an often-overlooked aspect of wellness, but our guiding beliefs, principles and values provide us with deeper meaning and purpose.
Interdependence with our surroundings and the natural world make the environment an important aspect of our overall well-being.
Adopting smart fiscal management practices and preparing for short- and long-term expenses can help ensure we are “fiscally fit.”
Our day-to-day work provides personal fulfillment that maximizes our talents. Find resources here to support you in your goals.
Proper nutrition, exercise and disease prevention all add up to a healthier you.
As lifetime learners, our intellect is fed by an openness to new ideas, our capacity to think and to question, and our willingness to master new skills.