Resources Beyond UF

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

 A campaign focused on bringing awareness to compassion fatigue and resources for caregivers who may be experiencing compassion fatigue.  

Greater Good Science Center

Discover new practices to improve your emotional wellbeing and the greater good.

The Depression Project

A project focused on providing accessible resources for anyone struggling with depression. Also focused on provide awareness and education through their social media outlets by focusing on destigmatization of mental health and ways to cope, deal, and interact with someone who may have mental health issues.  

Online Caregiver Support Groups

 A website that provides a place to sign up for online support groups for anyone who identifies as a caregiver.  

TED Talks Playlist

Playlist of TED talks on emotional vulnerability, social connection, and other emotional wellness topics.

Smiling Mind

A free app that provides tools for maintaining a balanced life developed my psychologist and educators.  

NIH Emotional Wellness Toolkit 

The Power and Science of Social Connection TED Talk