Compassion Fatigue Self Test

Compassion Fatigue is the emotional residue of exposure to working with the suffering, particularly those suffering from the consequences of traumatic events. This self-test will help to give individuals an idea of their levels of compassion fatigue.

Journaling prompts 

Use any of the following prompts to get your thoughts, emotions, and experiences on paper. Research has shown that regular writing helps to release the intensity of negative feelings and results in clearer minds.

 Mindfulness Techniques


Healthy Sleeping

  • Good Night Gators sleep program
  • Sleep Cycle App tracks your REM cycle and helps to wake you up when your body is at its optimal time.
  • On Apple Music or Spotify, playing white noise or ambient noise can help make it easier to fall asleep.
  • Try reading a book, or finding a task you enjoy doing that avoids blue light before bed instead of using your electronic device. 
  • Set time limits on digital applications to help decrease your screentime and blue light exposure. 
  • iPhone users: Use the health app to set a bedtime window so you are less tempted to go on the phone. You can find it in: health app then sleep card and set a schedule.