Resilient Gator

At times, it seems like some individuals thrive when faced with adversity and challenges, while others are engulfed with a sense of panic. What do these individuals harness that others don’t?

Resilience. Although it may seem like these individuals are naturally gifted, it is not a unique phenomenon. Anyone can learn how to boost their ability to cope, thrive, and flourish during hard times. The Resilient Gator Program is designed to inform and empower the campus community to build resilience coping skills. This program will be broken up into two sessions.

The first session will focus on what resilience is, why it is important to incorporate it into your life and help you identify areas in your life that could be strengthened and improved by resilience skill-building.

The second session will equip you with tangible tools to implement resilience-building skills to combat stress, life challenges, feeling overwhelmed, feeling anxious, mental exhaustion, lack of motivation, and ultimately enable you to bounce back from adversity.

Coupled together, both sessions tandemly will serve to be most effective for participants. Complete the registration form below to join one of the following sessions or to request the program:

  • Scheduled session (no scheduled session at this time)
  • On-demand sessions (receive access to the recorded presentation and program materials)
  • Request the program for your department/unit (available via video-conferencing)