Activity Resources

Regular physical activity can be an effective and simple way to improve health outcomes.  We have curated a list of resources to help support your journey to be more active. if you would like to receive an emailed copy of the listed resources, please complete the form at the end of the page.

A fitness challenge can be a great way to get started and have a set goal in mind and the following self-paced fitness challenge mobile applications can be a great place to start. These apps provide a set schedule of simple workouts that gradually increases in intensity throughout the month. They provide a great rotation of workouts to engage different muscle groups on different days. Most importantly these apps are free to use and no purchase is necessary. Please note that there are premium versions of these applications; however, you can continue to use the free version of the apps without limitation.

Join GatorCare’s “Dad Jokes 4 AllWalking Challenge. Starting June 6, this 3-week individual-based walking and activity challenge is a great way to get moving. The goal of this challenge is simple – reach 8,000 steps per day and unlock corny dad jokes along the way.

An activity planner is a great way to track your progress, which in turn can be a source of motivation to continue on your journey. You can use pen and paper to track your progress on something digital like one of the many mobile applications including Google Fit, Health (Apple), S-Health (Samsung), Fitbit, or MyFitnessPal.  However, we recommend starting simple with the Activity Planner by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

If you prefer something more visual and engaging like a fitness class, there are a number of great local resources right here on our campus. Join Gatorcare Wellness in one of their weekly live-streamed fitness classes. They are only 15 minutes long and available Monday through Thursday. We also recommend utilizing one of the many pre-recorded fitness classes by RecSports. These professionally made classes are perfectly paced and very easy to follow. Enjoy their Interval Training Series or their Core Strength Series.