Men’s Health Initiative

Celebrated in June, Men’s Health Month raises awareness of preventable health problems in men, to encourage early detection and participation in preventative care and wellness programs.

Currently, men are dying an average of 5 years younger than women and are at higher risk for 9 out of 10 of the top causes of death. Men are also at a greater risk of death in every age group. Although more males than females are born (105 vs 100), women outnumber men by age 35. One of the main factors is that men are less likely to see physicians for regular checkups and are also less likely to participate in wellness programs.

All month long, we will share men’s health facts to raise awareness and support men in taking steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – @WellatUF.

Men’s Health Workshop

Watch this brief Men’s Health Workshop recording for a closer look into men’s health, and explore the events and resources below to see how you can make your health a priority throughout June.

30-Day Fitness Challenge

Join this self-paced challenge! Regular physical activity can be an effective and simple way to improve health outcomes. This self-paced challenge can easily be added to your daily routine to get into the habit of regular exercise, or it can be used to supplement your current workout routines.

Wear Blue Day

Whether alone or as a department, we encourage you to wear blue on Friday, June 18, to raise awareness about the importance of men’s health. Take a picture and post it on social media using the hashtag #MensHealthUF and tag us @WellatUF –  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Mental Health Resources

Explore the Men’s Mental Health Resources website. It covers mental health topics and provides resources to help men overcome challenges associated with mental health. We also encourage you to take the Head Inspection for a quick evaluation of where you excel and where improvements are needed.

Time Out Health Quiz

Take the Time Out For Men’s Health Quiz to evaluate your risk for certain men’s health concerns, such as heart disease and low testosterone. Use the quizzes to prepare for your next doctor’s appointment. Additionally, the Time Out For Women’s Health Quiz is available for women to prepare for their next appointment and to evaluate your risk for relevant health concerns.

Wellness Blog

Visit the GatorCare Wellness blog post on Men’s Health for additional resources and information.

Men’s Health Fact Sheet
Take control of your health by getting a yearly check-up from your healthcare provider. This fact sheet provided by the Men’s Health Network covers 12 important health concerns for men’s health.
Get It Checked
Use this brochure to find a schedule of checkups and age-appropriate screenings for men and women. Regular checkups and age-appropriate screenings can improve your health and extend your life. Members of high-risk groups, or those with a family history of a disease, should consult their healthcare provider about the need for earlier screening.

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