Good Night Gators

Studies have shown that a great night’s rest can have a significant impact on performance levels in all aspects of life. When your sleep suffers, your health and quality of life suffer as well. Almost half of all UF faculty and staff reported that feeling tired limited their ability to work. We can help! With the right set of habits, you can supercharge your sleep.

The Good Night Gators Program will provide you with the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to sleep. Here’s how it works – First, you attend a live presentation, where you learn the habits that help you wake up feeling refreshed. Then, you will receive online coaching via email to help you build those habits easily and consistently. Good Night Gator will teach you exactly how you can improve your sleep! Then, we help you build those habits effortlessly over the course of 4 weeks.

Sleep deprivation is a big problem that affects employees and students alike across the campus. It is not an optional luxury that only some can afford. It is a biological necessity for the healthy functioning of our bodies. People who don’t sleep are more stressed, exercise less, and have a greater caloric intake. Furthermore, chronic lack of sleep is linked with a higher risk of heart attacks and depression.

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