Wellness Warriors – May 2020

It is no secret that we are going through a once in a generation event with the current Covid-19 pandemic. We have all had to change the way we work, play, and interact with others. As we modify our behaviors to maintain a level of health and safety for the greater good, our colleagues continue to work hard to keep us healthy and safe.

The May Wellness Warrior award is dedicated to these colleagues that continue to inspire us with their drive and resilience. Thank you to our healthcare workers who have been caring for those who fall ill. You have been on the front line keeping us safe, and we appreciate you. Thank you to our researchers, who continue to explore possible solutions to solve the problem. Thank you to all of our colleagues doing their part to ensure that we have a healthy and safe environment to return to. Thank you for your continued service to keep us healthy, safe, and protected.

As a small token of our appreciation, we dedicate this month’s Wellness Warrior Award to you! Download your well-deserved certificates and Wellness Warrior graphics:


The Wellness Warrior Award is a peer-nominated recognition of individuals on the UF-UF Health campuses who make strides to live better by making healthier choices. The award is an acknowledgment of the determination and dedication it takes to live a well and healthy lifestyle. Wellness Warriors are individuals who lead by example, encouraging those around them to also make healthier choices.

Nominate a colleague whom you feel is deserving of this recognition.

Published: May 22nd, 2020

Category: Wellness Updates, Wellness Warriors