Wellness Warriors – February 2020

Name:   Adrienne Wright

Department:  Department of Neurology-  Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases

Years of Service:   22  Years

Favorite hobbies?  I love to dance, workout, travel, read and spend time with my family

How do you live a healthy lifestyle?  I work out 4-5 days per week and  make healthy dietary choices  by trying to limit fat, sugar, meat, and dairy.

What inspires you to make healthier choices and live a healthy lifestyle?  As an African American woman, a nurse and breast cancer survivor,  I am keenly aware of all the health risks that could very easily overtake me.  Most of the risks are modifiable, meaning risks that could be changed with a little bit of effort and consistency.  Modifiable risks include being overweight, hypertension, type II diabetes, smoking, and high cholesterol.

Do you have a success story you would like to share?  I have always tried to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle but approximately two and a half years ago, life became a little rocky (as it can) and I began to eat for comfort.  The scale quickly began showing me a number that I was very uncomfortable with.  I began intermittent fasting and started on the Ketogenic diet to put myself back on track.  I stayed on the keto diet for about 4 weeks but I continue to intermittent fast.  I lost a total of thirty pounds.  For me, living healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle that requires a consistent look at my diet and my exercise plan.  I am constantly changing my workouts because I get bored and my muscles have memory!  Currently, I do  Body Combat, weight lifting, and working out in the pool,  at GHF.  I also power walk.

The Wellness Warrior Award is a peer-nominated recognition of individuals on the UF-UF Health campuses who make strides to live better by making healthier choices. The award is an acknowledgment of the determination and dedication it takes to live a well and healthy lifestyle. Wellness Warriors are individuals who lead by example, encouraging those around them to also make healthier choices.

Nominate a colleague whom you feel is deserving of this recognition.

Published: February 21st, 2020

Category: Wellness Updates, Wellness Warriors