November Wellness Warriors

Corey Graf

Corey Graf, November Wellness Warrior

Department: Career Connections Center (C3)

Years of Service: 2

Favorite hobbies? Recreational softball, golf and tennis. I’ve recently gotten into rock climbing, hiking and snowboarding. Although, my all-time favorite hobby is testing out the free samples at Trader Joe’s on a Saturday morning.

How do you live a healthy lifestyle? For me, living a healthy lifestyle starts with maintaining a balance between my life at work and my life at home. Since my first day at the C3, I have received great support from my colleagues and the leadership team to maintain a healthy balance of work and life. This support has set me up to be my best self in both settings. Having this balance gives me the energy and motivation to stay active in my free time and live a healthy lifestyle.

What inspires you to make healthier choices and live a healthy lifestyle? One of my goals is to always present my best self to my family, friends, and colleagues. I have found that when I live healthier, and make healthy decisions, most aspects of my life improve and I feel confident in myself. This confidence is contagious and pushes me to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a success story you would like to share? At the C3, I co-chair our Wise and Well committee. Our goal is to infuse the 8 dimensions of wellness into the everyday lives of staff members at the Career Connections Center. This past summer, our committee had the opportunity to create a wellness presentation for our annual staff retreat. In collaboration with a colleague, we presented on the importance of celebrating success, both in our work and personal achievements.

Aria Adamy

Aria Adamy, November Wellness Warrior

Department:  Vista Pharmacy

Years of Service:  5 years

Favorite hobbies?  Walking my dog, creating new recipes, going to the movies, deadlifting

How do you live a healthy lifestyle?  I try to make healthy food choices and stay active.  I enjoy weight lifting and being outside.  Recently, I have begun reading to keep my mind in good shape!  I believe ‘healthy’ encompasses more than just your external appearance – it also includes your thoughts and attitude.

What inspires you to make healthier choices and live a healthy lifestyle?  I am inspired to become my best self.  Living a healthy lifestyle makes me feel good.

Do you have a success story you would like to share? After 10 years of smoking cigarettes, I was able to quit!  Seeing me quit smoking, inspired my mom to quit.  That was already 14 years ago!   More recently, I earned my IFBB Pro Card.  Becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro began as a dream back in 2012.  It was an incredible journey that took me 4 years to achieve!  I am so grateful that I never quit.  I enjoy the opportunity to continue to compete as an IFBB Pro.


Published: October 31st, 2019

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