September Wellness Warriors

Jacob McAbee

Jacob McAbee, September Wellness Warrior Nominee, during a recent Marathon Race.

Department: Housing & Residence Education

Years of Service: 3

Favorite hobbies? Running, Bowling, Intramurals, Announcing for UF Athletics

How do you live a healthy lifestyle? I run about 5 days a week and I try to keep myself on a good diet. I believe in 8 hours of sleep and promote self-care to my staff members as much as possible. I believe in taking time out for myself and utilizing time off to recharge, kick back, and relax. Within my position I also am in charge of the community development of Springs Complex and Lakeside Complex which house the Live in Motion Living & Learning Community and the Gatorwell Living & Learning Community

What inspires you to make healthier choices and live a healthy lifestyle? The world inspires me to do so. There are so many wonderful triumphs and stories people share and it encourages me to keep going and to keep pushing myself to be better. The love and passion I see in others inspires me to love myself for who I am and inspire to become.

Do you have a success story you would like to share? I used to consider myself overweight and when I saw my eating habits were poor and my lack of physical activity was slim to none, I knew I had to get up and start doing something. I decided to begin running and have not stopped doing so. On my journey I have lost over 30 pounds and I have now completed 2 full marathons and will complete 2 more by December in the states of Montana and Georgia. Next year I will mark off two more states with Ohio and New York on my way to hopefully achieving the completion of a marathon in each of the 50 states. Also, I don’t do it alone. You will find me running with my wife Shannon. Funny story I actually proposed to her after our first marathon at Walt Disney World. I am a firm believer that life is a marathon and not a sprint and sometimes it’s good to have that running buddy for life and I am proud to call my wife my Running Buddy for Life.

Christy Vitro, BSN RN CCRN

Christy Vitro, September Wellness Warrior Nominee

Department: South Tower PACU

Years of Service: 13

Favorite hobbies? Surfing/ Yoga/ Bicycling

How do you live a healthy lifestyle?  Being healthy is my number one priority. I eat a plant based diet. No sugar. No processed foods. (Except for an occasional cheat day). I exercise daily. I even commute to work some days on my bicycle. I practice meditation. I aim for balance between work, family and personal time.

What inspires you to make healthier choices and live a healthy lifestyle? Working as a nurse keeps me grateful for my health. I don’t take my good health for granted. I strive to maintain the good health that I am blessed with. I also like to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a success story you would like to share? I have been blessed with an amazing life. I have traveled all over the world surfing and a few years ago I accomplished a big dream of completing The Florida Ironman. (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run).


Published: October 10th, 2019

Category: Wellness Updates, Wellness Warriors