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What are you up to this summer? Send us your best photos

two sea turtles on beach in oahu at sunset

From Costa Rica and Portugal to Washington state and Longboat Key, summer has only just begun, but it’s already taken you to some incredible places! Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos to our UF at Work Summer Photo Contest so far. We love traveling vicariously with you, whether it’s across the country (or world) or to the oasis of your own backyard. The contest is open through Aug. 16.

How to protect yourself against mumps

uf pharmacy stock

As you may have heard or read, several cases of mumps have been reported among University of Florida students. The UF Student Health Care Center is partnering with the Alachua County Health Department and the UF Division of Student Affairs to monitor the situation and to share information regarding the virus and best practices for protecting yourself against it.